Welcome to #PeytonStrong, our very own story of Peyton's journey in her fight against her diagnosis Polyarticular Juvenile Arthritis and how God is giving her grace one day at time.  Even though it has only been a short journey for her so far, we hope to help others dealing with the dianosis of JA in the future, by sharing Peyton's Journey and how God is giving her grace each day.  We hope #PeytonStrong will help other kids struggling know they are not alone.  That it might ignite their own passions as well, and for Peyton to be able to connect with other children who are living with JA, as well as a way to keep friends and family updated.


M & M's can also be the pits!

For we walk by faith not by sight - 2 Corinthians 5:7

Here I am talking to you again about more not so fun stuff. But, I also know it is necessary to share in order to keep telling her story. To ask you for prayers again for her, for some new challenges she is facing. Please forgive me as I share with you each time and know I am not an author by any means, and I am only sharing her story as her mom.

M & M's..... well we aren't really talking about the chocolate m&m candies, although I wish we were:-(. No, but actually, the real chocolate m&m's are one of Peyton's favorite candies. Sometimes when we go to the movies, Peyton loves to pick out her candy, which most of the time is always the chocolate m&m's (and only the plain ones). But for now, for in this post, I am talking about different M&M's. These are the kind that are not so fun. So in this blog I will share about Peyton's upcoming MRI this Weds. and talk about her new medications.

MRI- Peyton has a MRI this coming Weds which will require sedation, because it is two parts, the length of each test and along with her age. To do the MRI with sedation Peyton has stay NPO after midnight and only have water and juice until 11:30 am next day. And if you ever had an 8 year old you know exactly how hard it is for them to go that long without anything to eat from night before. We are also in need of your prayers for the results to be good and that she doesn't have any inflammation in her neck and jaw. When we had our visits over our time at Scottish Rite Hospital, Peyton had extensive range of motion tests with the doctors checking all her joints. Peyton's range of motion in her neck and jaw were not satisfactory and so the doctors are concerned that there is inflammation or damage and so have ordered an MRI for this weds. Please Pray we get good results and along with that, that Peyton will be able to transition back into school smoothly after she has missed so many days, from her first 3 weeks of school with all the procedures and doctors appointments.

The next not so fun info to mention is the medications. Peyton has to have two injections every week at home here on out or until Peyton can reach remission. Juvenile Arthritis is an autoimmune disease that is causing the pain in her joints and the fluid buildup in her joints. Peyton currently has 8 or more active joints involved right now and we have already had one procedure this past weds to remove fluid from Peyton's knees and her left hip, but were only successful at getting the fluid from right knee. After they drained the fluid with ultrasound they gave Peyton a cortisone shot in both knees. Which was very painful for her and after the procedure she was not able to walk for the two days after. But now she is doing very well and the cortisone shots have improved her knees and pain and she is now walking good again.

Medications- The medication that we need to stop the disease from continuing on is called Methotrexate. Along with the fact that Peyton also tested positive for the ANA antibody, and her eyes could be affected from this disease, if not treated with the right medications. She will get this medication here on out every week by injection to stop the disease. Peyton will also have to have routine eye exams by a pediatric eye specialist every 6 months from here on out. So in just a few short days the side effects that we have noticed from her being on the meds. and what we have seen, is that Methotrexate makes her very tired, nauseated, and she has mood changes. The other side effect that I worry about is Peyton's immune system will be down some from this drug because of the type of drug it is were injecting in her each week, and with the flu season right around the corner :(. While she is taking this medication the other tests we will have to do, is get her labs checked in two months, to check her liver functions, and then in four months intervals after that here on out. If you go and read about it, it talks all about these horrible side effects, but since Peyton will only be receiving a small amount each week to stop the disease, than these side effects, that she is already experiencing so far, are the most common ones. Peyton has Zofran and she will also have to take and folic acid each day to help with these side effects.

The other medication Peyton needs each week is called Enbrel. Enbrel is also given by injection at home, and it helps to stop the fatigue and other side effects of getting Methotrexate. Enbrel is used in conjuction with Methotrexate in treating the side effects from the Juvenile Arthritis the disease itself. Enbrel is expensive, and not as cheap as the other medication and also not as easy to get. We are told that we can get the Enbrel drug directly from the drug company and have it sent directly to us. So we have faxed over paperwork.

Please pray for Peyton while she is on these medications to treat her Juvenile Arthritis, for her continued healing, her symptoms to diminish, and also for her comfort and good results on her upcoming MRI.

Thank you for your prayers always,

Romans 8:28





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